Volunteer at BMF – Here's How!


Hello everyone!

The Bicycle Music Festival is only days away and it’s time to get you on a volunteer team! Please be sure to invite all your friends to the event, and hey! why not encourage them to be volunteers as well?!

Thanks to those of you who have already had an opportunity to step up and get BMF rolling. If you are for sure coming to BMF and you’re hoping to lend a hand, please join our BMF Volunteers Google Group to receive all further notifications.

Here’s the direct link to the BMF Volunteers Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/bmfsf.

Below, you will find a list of crews which need volunteers. Please let us know which team you are going to hop on, and we’ll make sure your team captain has your contact info.

**Merch Crew** Set up the BMF Merch table at each venue, and sell sell sell! BMF T-shirts, patches, and other goodies are part of what help us make this possible. People love to have something to remember us by. We also like to give our musical talent a spot at the table. If you’ve worked in retail, we’d love to have your expertise on this crew. Don’t worry, you’ll work in teams and shifts, so that you can get out and dance, and you’ll never be lonely.

**Ultimate Trash Talkers aka Pack-in-Pack-out Crew** This is a pack-in-pack-out festival! That means guests who bring bottles of water, clif bars chips and the like, are expected to take their trash home with them, and not create waste for our hosts to deal with. You’re the friendly face who makes it worth while, and talks our guests through the process. If you’re into the LEAVE-NO-TRACE movement, this team is for you. This team is the last team to leave the festival grounds, making sure that we leave it the way we found it, and graciously reminding guests to pack it out, with a smile.

**Pedal Power Crew** CALLING ALL STRONG LEGS! This crew has the very KEY role of recruiting guests to “Get on the Bikes and Ride!” When your recruit looks weary, you can coach them through the slump, find them some water, or take over for them until your next recruit is ready. Adam Pastana, aka, “calves of steel” is your Team Captain. He’s got plenty of experience as a Pedal power coach, so follow his lead to motivate and inspire our guests.

**Smoothie Crew** We need a few more folks on the smoothie crew. This crew might get a little messy, but is sure to be the most delicious! If you have worked in food service and have excellent food prep or serving skills, this is where you belong. Leif, Ydran and Aron of Rock the Bike have some spiffy new equipment to put to use this year, so you’ll be blending with experts!

**Bike Parking Crew** You’re the guardian angels of BMF bikes. We’ll have a place for people to lock up their bikes, but we need some eyes on them for added security. If you’ve ever gotten your bike stolen, you’ll feel good about keeping our guest’s bikes safe.

Other teams that may need some more folks include: Golden Goose Crew, Public Safety Crew, Talent Support Crew, among others.

In these final days, there’s plenty of work to do so give us a holler if it’s your day off and you want to pitch in on Prep work. Sign up on the BMF Volunteers Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/bmfsf and we’ll be in touch!

Thanks in advance for all your hard work!

Kato – BMF Ops. Mgr.

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• Friday, July 23rd, 2010

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