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BMF Seattle Saturday, Aug.22 – Schedule

This Saturday, August 22, the BMF crew rolls into Seattle! Led by the Ginger Ninjas and the Pleasant Revolution Tour, BMFers will show Seattle how to pedal their way to musical bliss!

Tour Route & Lineup for Seattle:

9am Early Ride: Live On Bike Music ride to Waterfront Park starting at Delridge Playfield

10am Waterfront Park : Holly Phillips – Julia Massey – James Kennedy – Stitchcraft – Susan Harper – Bahia

2pm Afternoon cruise with Live On Bike music

3pm Denny Park : Blue 55 – Bend – Nettle Honey – Aeolian

6pm Ride to Space Needle

7-8:30pm Seattle Center Movies at the Mural : The Ginger Ninja – Cello Joe – Bear Dyken

9pm Evening ride to evening concert

9:30pm Evening concert Secret Location: Goose Vargis – The Pressure

BMF Seattle needs volunteers. Email seattlebicyclemusicfestival@gmail.com to get involved!
Visit www.seattlebicyclemusicfestival.com for more info on all stops on the tour.

• Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Volunteers starting to emerge from the SF Bike Community.

I got a cool phone call from Keeeth (representing Pedal Express in Berkeley) offering to help carry gear and instruments at BMF. He has a dependable trailer that he used last year to carry most of the drum set. Big thanks Keeeth! And to  all you other potential volunteers… If you’ve got an Xtracycle or a trailer or some other cargo conveyance, please contact Gabe or I.  Gabe@ or Paul@  the address of this esteemed website. It’ll be fun, and it’s for a great cause — bringing music to the streets, parks, and people of the Mission.

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• Thursday, May 29th, 2008