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Rolling with 88 weighted keys on the nighttime cruiser ride

Some interesting scenes from the workshop this week. The musical part starts at 3:05. It was awesome to see the expressions on our neighbors’ faces as we cruised around West Berkeley with Janaysa singing and playing.

Folk / Soul singer Janaysa came by the workshop on Tuesday to test-ride the piano mount on the Mundo. She was initially ‘concerned’ but left on a high after a good try out.

Come see Janaysa perform on Saturday as part of the cruiser ride! Don’t miss out on the night time festivities. Bring a bike to Dolores Park! Catch BLO, Stitchcraft, Ginger Ninjas, Manicato, La Malamana, and BMX flatlander Pete Brandt. And then join the BMF cruiser ride.

• Friday, June 20th, 2008

Moon will be 87% full on the night of BMF

Just checked the lunar schedule for BMF. We’ll see moonrise at 11PM, hopefully while cruising to the afterparty!

The moon will be 4 days past full, or 87% full.

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• Thursday, June 12th, 2008