Human Powered PA

ou Power the BMF Sound System

This year’s Pedal Powered Sound System, about 10times better than last.

The Ginger Ninjas Sound System, which will be our primary P/A system at BMF this year, was recently road tested on the 5000-mile Pleasant Revolution tour. It rocked Harmony Festival this past weekend. And it will rock you too. There were 60+ people dancing at peak moments at Harmony, and not ’sympathy dancing’, either. We’re talking honest to goodness booty shaking, people! We’re in for a treat!

BMF fans last year tolerated a fair bit of feedback and distortion, as we pushed our two-bike pedal-powered P/A to its limits. But the Ginger Ninjas‘ sound systemis a 4-bike system. Not only does it have twice the available wattage as our system last year, it uses high-end, digitally powered speakers, producing solid bass and clean vocals with less pedaling effort.

Basically, if you enjoyed BMF last year, you’ll be stoked when you realize how much higher the bar for pedal power sound has been raised.

At right: Ginger Ninjas frontman Kipchoge peering inside the SHAKE YOUR PEACE! music cabinet at last year’s BMF, getting inspired to bring the element of Human Power into the Pleasant Revolution tour.