Bicycle Music Festival VIII + Climate Rally

Sunday, 9.20.15 @ Love Our Lake Day,
Lake Merritt Amphitheater, Oakland!

2015 Bicycle Music Festival poster

After 7 years of Bicycle Music Festivals in San Francisco, we took 2014 as a sabbatical year and enjoyed it mightily, dreaming of bringing BMF to Oakland, and imagining how to amplify the message of community power and climate justice even better. During this time, our pedal power mad scientists had a chance to put on events before audiences three-times larger than previous records, like the Peoples’ Climate Rally, pictured below:

At these inspiring events, we noticed that the traditional rally formula is “heavy on speaking and light on music.” As bike-music people, we found ourselves wanting to see what would happen if we turned that formula around, and put more partying amidst the powerful messages. To test it out, we’ve teamed up with local eco-justice organizations 350 Bay Area, and Fertile Ground Institute, to co-present a hybrid BMF + Climate Rally. Now during band changeovers, you’ll hear inspiring and intelligent speeches from local activists!

We also purposely scheduled BMF on the same day as (and in collaboration with) Walk Oakland Bike Oakland’s open streets event: “Love Our Lake Day,” where they close all the streets around Lake Merritt to car traffic and open it up for pedestrian merriment. This means that in addition to all the action that BMF’s producing at the Amphitheater, there’ll be literally 50 other fun bike and pedestrian activities to enjoy around the lake that day!

BMF’s pedal-powerability will be taken to new heights this year, with the world’s largest pedal-powered sound system (we’re now up to 30 bikes!), an expanded bike-blended smoothie station, and a new pedal-churned ice cream recipe developed by a professional chef!

At 5PM we’ll pick up the festival and ride bikes together through the streets of Oakland in our iconic LiveOnBike parade over to our night venue: Omni Commons in Temescal, Oakland. En route, we’ll enjoy the manically fun Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony!

We’re really stoked to try a bunch of new things at Omni Commons that we’ve never tried before at BMF, including: having an indoor BMF venue, creating a unique surround-sound experience quite unlike what you’d experience at a comparable size rock venue, having pedal-power bikes positioned up in the balcony, serving beer, and a pedal-powered light show! We’re excited to share all of these experiments with you!

Below: the Night Venue of the 2013 BMF – a street closure in the Mission.

If you would like to order a limited edition poster versio of the flyer by Hugh D’Andrade, send an email jeff@bicyclemusic
September 17, 2015

Hey peoples of the Bay Area. The night venue for the Bicycle Music Festival holds 600 people at capacity. If you want to get a ticket ahead of time and guarantee access to the 4 awesome bands playing and this amazing collective venue, well HERE is the link:… — We will still have tickets [...]

August 26, 2015

After 7 years of producing Bicycle Music Festivals in San Francisco, in 2015 we’re producing our first BMF in Oakland! To reflect BMF’s new ubiquity, we’re taking the “San Francisco” out of our logo design and just stating who we are, clear and simple: No matter which city you find us in, we are Bicycle [...]

June 20, 2013

Today the Bicycle Music Festival got a great write up in the San Francisco Examiner! Dig it: