Get Involved!

Roll With the BMF! It’s easy to get involved…
Here are some great ways to be part of the action:


Wanna be a Bike Roadie? Rock the Merch Table or the Smoothie Station? Be a Golden Goose? Perhaps you’d like to post fliers or help test/build equipment before the day-of? Fill out the Volunteer Signup Formto let us know how you’d like to help out. Thank you!!
Say Something!
  • Blog about BMF! Tweet about BMF! Ride through the streets shouting BMF! June 22, 2013.
  • Follow BMF on Twitterand get live updates on the day of the festival.
  • Invite your friends to the FB event and become FB friends forever.

Make Something!

  • Make your own BMF Spoke Cards – Click Here for printable image

Bring Something!

  • Bring cash for the bands – its how they get paid and a great way to show support.
  • Bring your own cup for a Pedal Powered Smoothie & Ice Cream
  • Read up on how to be a Great Pedal-Powered Event Participant

Take Something!

  • Post your Pics! Add your pics to the BMF Flickr pool
  • Pack-In Pack-Out – BMF is a “leave no trace behind” event. Please help by picking up your trash and leaving the event sites better than you found them.

Give Something!

  • Become a Sponsor of BMF – BMF is made possible by the support of some wonderful local individuals, businesses, and organizations. We encourage support via Financial Contributions or in-kind materials/services to help support the Bicycle Music Festival. All Donations are Tax-Deductible! E-mail for more info.

Represent! Calling All Bay Area Community Organizations

Collaborate with us! Do you have a cool community activity that we can tie-in to the BMF like a farm workday, social activity like a capture the flag game that you and your friends are organizing, or want to table for your non-profit organization at the BMF? Let’s do it! Contact

Scouting Locations

Please let us know if you’ve found an awesome spot for a future pedal-powered concert. Email

BE THERE for the best damn show of the year!