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BMF is completely volunteer-run (40 volunteers and counting). Our organizers and team captains work year-round setting the stage for what is an exponentially-growing and seriously awesome operation.

We’d like to introduce you to some very special people… the Crew Captains!

gabeGabe Dominguez ~ Co-founder
Email: gabe@bicyclemusicfestival.com
Gabe Dominguez is the frontman of bike-touring Whup band: SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, and works full-time as a volunteer cheerleader of Ecotopian culture. Gabe is half of the duo: Tiny Home - a band that some say “sounds like a hot mug of chamomile tea.” He also sings in Sonya Cotton‘s band. When he’s not “puttin some Whup on it,” or riding his bike, he’s rollerblading, with pride.



.Paul Freedman ~ Co-founder
Email: paul@bicyclemusicfestival.com

Paul Freedman is the civilized disguise of the infamous bike rapper: Fossil Fool. After graduating with a degree in computer science from Harvard University, Paul invented the down low glow bike light and founded the pioneering bike-culture company: Rock The Bike. Paul continues to push the limits of the what it means to combine partying with biking, and from every angle: technical, aesthet
ic, and social. Check out his latest projects at www.RockTheBike.com..

jeff blumenthal

Jeff Blumenthal ~ General Manager
Email: jeff@bicyclemusicfestival.com
When Jeff moved to San Francisco he immediately fell in love with bicycle culture and the ways bikes can be used for social and environmental improvement. Joining the BMF team as a roadie his first year, he continued to bite off more and more to chew each subsequent year. Somewhere along the line, with his mouth totally full of BMF, he became our fearless General Manager, working to ensure that the BMF stays on the right side of the law. When he’s not rocking his bike, he’s rocking solar panels.

Angela Legg ~ CFA (Chief Financial Awesomer)Angela Legg
Email: angela@bicyclemusicfestival.com
Thanks to the fundraising and grantwriting experience Angela brings to the Bicycle Music Festival, the event is able to keep its all-volunteer head above the water. She, in a word, is the BMF’s life-jacket. An aficionado of local music and good bike rides, Angela is also known around town as part of the team that helms The Bay Bridged – the Bay Area’s preeminent indie music blog.

Roadie, Pedal Power, Bike Parking Corps

Mark Sullivan and Ariel Cuna ~ Roadie Co-Captain

Nio Anderson ~ Public Safety Captain

Kelli McCloskey ~ Bike Parking Captain

Press and Promo!

Anna Perlmutter ~ Webmaster
Email: anna.perlmutter {at} gmail.com

Celeste Lindhal ~ Photography

John Hamilton, Janel Sterbentz, Volker Neumann ~ Video Team

Nathan Hale ~ Poster Design

Merch, Smoothie & Busking Crews!

Sonya Cotton ~ Golden Goose Captain

Rachel Ralston ~ Merch Captain

Leif Bansner ~ Smoothie Captain

Stage and Sound Crew

Scott McDowell & Maya Finlay ~ Sound Engineer Co-Captains

LiveOnBike Sound ~ Rock the Bike