Bicycle Culture

Bike Culture

Bicycle Music Festival is one spoke in a giant wheel of rolling badass bike culture momentum. Here are links to friends, organizations, and companies whose spokes are closely aligned with the Bicycle Music Festival’s:

Worldbike is an international network of bicycle designers and industry leaders, and international development professionals, working together to provide transportation solutions and create income-generating opportunities for the world’s poor.

Rock the Bike, the hub for all things related to rocking your bike: social cruiser ride info and discussion boards, DLG lights, bike-audio systems, and bike blenders. Based in Berkeley, CA.

SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, San Francisco’s own sustainable, bike-touring band of tricksters.

The Juice Peddler, home of the bike blended smoothie and bicycle blender manufacturer. Based in Berkeley, CA.

Xtracycle creators of the world’s first and only sport utility bicycle. Based in N. San Juan California.

San Francisco Bike Coalition, Tireless two-tired advocates working t’higher the ire of the en-tire SF bike

Cyclecide, the heavy-pedal bike rodeo: pedal driven Ferris Wheels, bikes with no seats, bikes with 100-pound motorcycle forks, 10-foot long chopper bikes and tiny kiddie bikes welded and stretched into immense jousting steeds, to name a few highlights. Bike culture pioneers.

San Francisco Bike Kitchen, a cooperative bicycle repair shop run by volunteers. Donate old bikes, learn how to fix up your bike, build a bike from the ground up.

Human Powered PA

ou Power the BMF Sound System

This year’s Pedal Powered Sound System, about 10times better than last.

The Ginger Ninjas Sound System, which will be our primary P/A system at BMF this year, was recently road tested on the 5000-mile Pleasant Revolution tour. It rocked Harmony Festival this past weekend. And it will rock you too. There were 60+ people dancing at peak moments at Harmony, and not ’sympathy dancing’, either. We’re talking honest to goodness booty shaking, people! We’re in for a treat!

BMF fans last year tolerated a fair bit of feedback and distortion, as we pushed our two-bike pedal-powered P/A to its limits. But the Ginger Ninjas‘ sound systemis a 4-bike system. Not only does it have twice the available wattage as our system last year, it uses high-end, digitally powered speakers, producing solid bass and clean vocals with less pedaling effort.

Basically, if you enjoyed BMF last year, you’ll be stoked when you realize how much higher the bar for pedal power sound has been raised.

At right: Ginger Ninjas frontman Kipchoge peering inside the SHAKE YOUR PEACE! music cabinet at last year’s BMF, getting inspired to bring the element of Human Power into the Pleasant Revolution tour.

About BMF

About the Bicycle Music Festival

A 501(c)3 project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance –

The mission of the Bicycle Music Festival is to promote sustainable culture in general and bicycle culture in particular, by physically engaging and immersing our community in the magic of bike culture, and cultivating and nurturing a network of local sustainable musicians, through our staging of free, community participatory, bicycle-based music events.

The Bicycle Music Festival is the largest 100% bicycle-powered music festival in the world. The free, all-day (and into the night) event takes place annually in San Francisco, California on the Saturday closest to the summer solstice.

The Bicycle Music Festival features: a 14,000 watt pedal-powered PA system, as many as 15 bands, multiple festival stops, outrageous Critical Mass-style bicycle party caravans between festival stops, and zero use of cars or trucks.

With its completely bike-haulable stage, the event is packed up and deployed numerous times: staged sequentially at different public parks and also on a moving “Live On Bike” stage which rolls down city streets.

The festival is run by a team of over 40 volunteers and is supported financially both by donations from the public (mostly gathered at the event), and through partnerships with hip companies.

The festival began in 2007, and has since doubled in size each year. Like Critical Mass (another SF-birthed bike spectacle) the concept has begun to be emulated around the world. We encourage you to start one in your city!


The first BMF – 2007

The only festival in the world literally hauling its own weight, the BMF possesses 4 distinctive qualities:

1) The human-powered P/A system, which besides being the most fun and green way to amplify a live concert, also transforms every song into an audience participation song, and radically democratizes the concert-goer experience (the power to amplify the people onstage rests entirely in the will of the people offstage; democracy at its healthiest you might say!).

2) Bicycle-mobility of the entire festival: the entire audience/band/stage/crew completely packs-up everything they bring (stage and musical equipment too) onto bicycles, and travels as a large group to the next festival stop. There are no sag-wagons or equipment trucks hauling the amplifiers and other heavy gear – everything is hauled by bicycle.

3) Pilgrimage-style sequential venue schedule: Unlike other festivals where bands are scheduled to play overlapping slots on stages that are set-up just around the corner from one another (often resulting in overlapping sound), the Bicycle Music Festival unfolds like a delightful treasure hunt: in a linear and adventurous journey-form, with only one meaningful development in the plot unveiled at a time, and stages located a full bike-ride away from each other.

4) Live On Bike mobile stage: Artists and bands perform while rolling down the city streets mounted on the backs of cargo bikes and bike trailers outfitted with microphones and amplifiers. The sound is wirelessly routed to “soulcycle” party bikes interspersed throughout the crowd, surrounding the crowd with sound.

The Bicycle Music Festival and its pedal-powered PA system are not only wonderful ways for the community to quite literally empower itself, but also a wonderful way to remind ourselves as we generate electricity with one another, shoulder to shoulder, where power is ultimately rooted.

Get Involved!

Roll With the BMF! It’s easy to get involved…
Here are some great ways to be part of the action:


Wanna be a Bike Roadie? Rock the Merch Table or the Smoothie Station? Be a Golden Goose? Perhaps you’d like to post fliers or help test/build equipment before the day-of? Fill out the Volunteer Signup Formto let us know how you’d like to help out. Thank you!!
Say Something!
  • Blog about BMF! Tweet about BMF! Ride through the streets shouting BMF! June 22, 2013.
  • Follow BMF on Twitterand get live updates on the day of the festival.
  • Invite your friends to the FB event and become FB friends forever.

Make Something!

  • Make your own BMF Spoke Cards – Click Here for printable image

Bring Something!

  • Bring cash for the bands – its how they get paid and a great way to show support.
  • Bring your own cup for a Pedal Powered Smoothie & Ice Cream
  • Read up on how to be a Great Pedal-Powered Event Participant

Take Something!

  • Post your Pics! Add your pics to the BMF Flickr pool
  • Pack-In Pack-Out – BMF is a “leave no trace behind” event. Please help by picking up your trash and leaving the event sites better than you found them.

Give Something!

  • Become a Sponsor of BMF – BMF is made possible by the support of some wonderful local individuals, businesses, and organizations. We encourage support via Financial Contributions or in-kind materials/services to help support the Bicycle Music Festival. All Donations are Tax-Deductible! E-mail for more info.

Represent! Calling All Bay Area Community Organizations

Collaborate with us! Do you have a cool community activity that we can tie-in to the BMF like a farm workday, social activity like a capture the flag game that you and your friends are organizing, or want to table for your non-profit organization at the BMF? Let’s do it! Contact

Scouting Locations

Please let us know if you’ve found an awesome spot for a future pedal-powered concert. Email

BE THERE for the best damn show of the year!

BMF in Your Town

Q: Sounds fun, where can I get one?

Start your own!

The Bicycle Music Festival is a local experience, and you can and should enjoy it in your town. You can start BMF Portland, BMF Philadelphia, or BMF Boston. Wherever you are, you can make it happen, and we’re sure you’ll have as much fun as we’ve been having in San Francisco.

BMFs have happened in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chico, Yosemite, Eugene, Portland, AshlandVancouverToronto, Mexico, and ALL OVER EUROPE!

Stay tuned as this page is updated and we come up with new and exciting ways to connect BMFs all over the world.
Have you started or are you starting your own BMF? Get in touch so we can help promote and connect!

Help Us Spread the Word

When you do start your own, please help the movement grow by tagging your photos, videos, blog posts, etc., in a specific way, in a way that will help the web stay nice and neatly organized for future generations. Ha! You get what we mean…

Suggestions for Tagging:

Flickr, YouTube, etc, allow tagging of media.

If you are posting photos taken at the Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco, you would add the following tags to each photo:   “San Francisco”, “SF”, “bicyclemusicfestival”, “BMF”, “June”, and then descriptive tags about the photo itself, example: “fossilfool”, “rocksthemike”

Now let’s look at the “bicyclemusicfestival” tag for a second. You may wonder why we ask you to use “bicyclemusicfestival” or “rocksthemike” instead of “bicycle music festival” or “rocks the mike”. The reason is that typing in multi-word tags into sites like Flickr and YouTube often results in the tags getting broken into their individual words. So, “bicycle music festival” becomes “bicycle”, “music”, and “festival”. And it becomes harder for people to find us. It’s not the worst thing in the world to use individual words, but as long as we’re starting from the beginning, let’s try to do it in the way that will help the scene grow.

Collaborate with us! Do you have a cool community activity that we can tie-in to the BMF like a farm workday, social activity like a capture the flag game that you and your friends are organizing, or want to table for your non-profit organization at the BMF? Let’s do it!


Contact Bicycle Music Festival

Bay Area Contacts

Bands, Artwork:
Gabe Dominguez
Press, Gear:

Paul Freedman
Donations, Sponsorships:

Jeff Blumenthal
Clint Womack***

MEDIA RESOURCES: High Res images and 2013 Press Release 

See full list of Festival organizers and team captains

Volunteer at BMF!

BMF 2014 Lineup & Venues

BMF 2014 Lineup and Venues

Day Venue: Defremery Park (Map | Adeline & 18th, Oakland) in partnership with Life Is Living 

LiveOnBike ride: TBA

Night Venue: TBA

Please peruse last year’s artists:

BMF 2013 Facebook Event — Share and invite your friends!

How to Help 

2013 Bicycle Music Festival Schedule

All-Ages ~ Free  ~ 3 Sequential Venues ~ 12-9pm ~ Dig it!

12pm-5pm Golden Gate Park

(Pioneer Log Cabin Meadow- Stow Lake Dr. @ JFK Dr.)

Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands – The Grammy Award-winning bluegrass of these local SF Bay Area legends has moved generations of listeners.

Bill McKibben – America’s leading environmentalist and the founder of 350.0rg, Bill will address the BMF audience via Skype. Bill’s not a musician, but his article: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math in Rolling Stone Magazine, July 2012, generated more buzz that that issue’s article on Justin Bieber! (125k likes, and 6066 comments)

Also featuring:

Justin Ancheta Band – Representing bike-music culture since 2007, Justin Ancheta holds the unique distinctions of having kicked off the first BMF ever (with Mostro @ Alemany Farmer’s Market stop, S.F., ’07), and being the first person ever to perform while solo-surfing no-handed on their cargo bike (check it out)! From the Bay to Barcelona he rocks conscious reggae-flavored funkiness, and gets the people moving.