BMF in Your Town

Q: Sounds fun, where can I get one?

Start your own!

The Bicycle Music Festival is a local experience, and you can and should enjoy it in your town. You can start BMF Portland, BMF Philadelphia, or BMF Boston. Wherever you are, you can make it happen, and we’re sure you’ll have as much fun as we’ve been having in San Francisco.

BMFs have happened in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chico, Yosemite, Eugene, Portland, AshlandVancouverToronto, Mexico, and ALL OVER EUROPE!

Stay tuned as this page is updated and we come up with new and exciting ways to connect BMFs all over the world.
Have you started or are you starting your own BMF? Get in touch so we can help promote and connect!

Help Us Spread the Word

When you do start your own, please help the movement grow by tagging your photos, videos, blog posts, etc., in a specific way, in a way that will help the web stay nice and neatly organized for future generations. Ha! You get what we mean…

Suggestions for Tagging:

Flickr, YouTube, etc, allow tagging of media.

If you are posting photos taken at the Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco, you would add the following tags to each photo:   “San Francisco”, “SF”, “bicyclemusicfestival”, “BMF”, “June”, and then descriptive tags about the photo itself, example: “fossilfool”, “rocksthemike”

Now let’s look at the “bicyclemusicfestival” tag for a second. You may wonder why we ask you to use “bicyclemusicfestival” or “rocksthemike” instead of “bicycle music festival” or “rocks the mike”. The reason is that typing in multi-word tags into sites like Flickr and YouTube often results in the tags getting broken into their individual words. So, “bicycle music festival” becomes “bicycle”, “music”, and “festival”. And it becomes harder for people to find us. It’s not the worst thing in the world to use individual words, but as long as we’re starting from the beginning, let’s try to do it in the way that will help the scene grow.

Collaborate with us! Do you have a cool community activity that we can tie-in to the BMF like a farm workday, social activity like a capture the flag game that you and your friends are organizing, or want to table for your non-profit organization at the BMF? Let’s do it!