BMF Volunteers and Sponsors are awesome!

As you might well imagine, a event like Bicycle Music Festival takes a lot to make happen.

One of the best parts of putting on a festival like this is that we get to show off all of the amazing people, organizations, companies who have helped out along the way.

BMF Volunteers!

Check out our BMF PEOPLE page to read about all of the AMAZING volunteers who are donating their time, energy, creativity, and skills to this year’s Bicycle Music Festival. If you do  one thing this weekend, it should be to go to BMF, find these people, and give them a big hug.
Come volunteer at this weekend’s BMF! CLICK HERE (scroll down) and fill out the signup form.

BMF Sponsors!

Here are the wonderful companies who have donated money, services and equipment for this year’s BMF in San Francisco. We encourage you to check out these sweet local businesses and thank them for being such a great part of San Francisco.
Become a Sponsor!  CLICK HERE and fill out the sponsorship form.