BMF launches $4000 Kickstarter for 2013

The world’s largest Human-Powered Music Festival is more ambitious this year. We need your help to cover increased permitting fees.

Entering our 7th year this June 22, Bicycle Music Festival has maintained its commitment to innovation, responsible growth, and community power since our first event. This year, the permitting process was much more intense than in previous years, mostly because we are moving our Night Venue to the heart of the Mission District. The level of scrutiny and the fees have gone way up. This is also the first year that we’ll have an official Police escort on the LiveOnBike ride, which should increase the safety (though we’ve been blessed with very few incidents in past years). All in all these steps are setting us up for an amazing day of music, fun, and inspiration. But we learned about the fees long after setting our budget and fundraising goals for this year.

In short, we are coming up short this year. Even if we sell a ton of Bike Blended Smoothies, BMF would be in the hole. So we are turning to you.

If the Kickstarter method is successful this year, we will consider it for future years. Our priorities are to keep the festival free on the day of, and not to clutter our visual space with logos of companies that have nothing to do with our actual Mission Statement.

A successful Kickstarter will also be a huge morale boost to our crew. If we raise more than our target we’ll put the money towards future budgets and long term dreams, like:

- Creating a West Coast Bicycle Music Festival tour where different cities who already have BMFs (like Seattle, Eugene, Chico) and new ones stagger their dates to allow fans and bands to tour by bike from one to the next.
- Increasing our documentation of the fest to allow more groups from other cities to put on events with increasing quality and at lower cost.

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• Wednesday, June 12th, 2013
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