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Videos of years past

We have some excellent videos of the Bicycle Music Festival in recent years.  The 2011 video introduces the mobile stage:

The 2010 video has some interviews with Paul Freedman about the philosophy behind the festival:

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• Thursday, June 21st, 2012

What’s New and Improved for 2012?

What’s up BMF fans?

This year’s festival is coming together in a beautiful way. Here are some of the highlights for Gabe and me.

True Festival Sound — We’ll have a 14-bike Pedal Powered Stage, a mini-Line Array suspended from a 18′ bamboo tripod affectionately known as the ‘Tarzan Tower’. A Line Array is the hanging vertical cluster of speakers favored by most Live-Sound engineers for larger outdoor concerts.  This rig, and our twin 1000-watt Pedal Powered Subwoofers, will take our sound to a new place this year. Most fans will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of the sound. And still 100% Pedal Power! Also, there will be 4 monitors for musicians to hear themselves, an expanded sound board, proper equalizer, etc. Our festival sound crew has been extremely active at events like the Bay Rising! tour and the Maker Faire.

Good Food! We will have food from Hot Bike! a local chef who carries all her kitchen supplies by bike. But don’t worry, she can turn out tacos and gourmet grilled cheeses with ease thanks to her loyal kitchen crew and gigantic two-burner stove.

Awesome local music. Please check out all the bands on the lineup by clicking BMF 2012 above on the left. Truly an exciting range of local talent including some major artists and up and comers. There are no dead spots in the lineup! Please come ON TIME so you don’t miss the earlier bands, Lia Rose starts at 12 with her full band Tiny Television. Major Powers, performing at 1PM, knocked our socks off at Maker Faire with their tight harmonies. Oona, performing at 2PM, is raring to unleash her stage energy and her new single, Kaleidoscope. Rupa & the April Fishes, performing at 3. At the night venue, we’ll have a performance by Birds & Batteries, a band that’s truly tearing it up in the SF Rock scene.

Return of SHAKE YOUR PEACE!  A special shoutout here to my co-director Gabe. His band SHAKE YOUR PEACE! performed at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Bicycle Music Festivals, then went into artistic hiatus for 2 years, only to emerge stronger than ever as an 8-person group. Tight arrangements and afro-cuban percussion elements make it danceable, while Gabe’s humor and message pull the heart strings. Yeow! Don’t miss them in the sunset slot at Showplace Triangle (8PM).

Next level LiveOnBike FM broadcast. We’ll be using a pirate radio station with a 8′ antenna that will reach the entire ride. Cruise near a sound bike and enjoy Live Music.

Redundant Pedal Power systems. Between Rock The Bike and SHAKE YOUR PEACE! we will have 3 Utility Boxes at BMF. If there’s a problem with one, we can drop in a backup. 1 of the 3 is going to be used for Tweener sets while roadies are setting up the next band. Our gear was quite reliable at the Maker Faire where it ran cool calm and collected all weekend with audio at festival levels.


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• Saturday, June 16th, 2012